Portfolio Beers

These beers are included in our portfolio and may be brewed at different times of the year, occasionally or seasonally.

Name: Malten Copper (NEW)

Style: Copper-coloured Bitter

Strength: 4.4% alc.vol

Tasting Note: The Six malts in this beer give a variety of  flavours and rich colours. A smooth finish is complimented by full fruit and berry hop flavours. Perfect for Autumn.




Name: Sundown

Style: Ruby Bitter

Strength: 3.9% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A ruby coloured bitter, gentle toffee caramel malt flavours topped off with fruity hop notes. Smooth and satisfying.

Name: Sea Lantern

Style: Golden Brown

Strength: 4.1% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A golden brown beer with subtle notes of toffee and golden syrup, finished with some wonderfully understated smooth hop notes.


Name: Indian Hill

Style: India Pale Ale

Strength: 6.5% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Our contemporary take on a time honoured classic. This is a proper IPA, lots of classic hop character but finishing with a powerful grapefruit/citrus flavour burst. Crisp and clear.

Name: Jack's Revenge

Style: Strong, dark

Strength: 5.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Very complex and malty with vine, chocolate and dark berry notes. A well rounded, robust beer.

Name: Winter Moon NEW for Winter 16/17

Style: Chestnut-coloured Bitter

Strength: 4.3% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A dark, rich chestnut.-.coloured beer. Mellow, malty and hints of berry and herb from carefully selected hops.

Name: Ginger

Style: Pale Ale

Strength: 3.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  We start with a great, well balanced pale ale and add fresh crushed ginger in the last stages of brewing. This leave a refreshing ginger flavour which is complimented by some citrus hop notes.

Name: Black Moth

Style: Special Stout

Strength: 7.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note: Fabulously indulgent, packed full of rich malt flavours dark berry secrets and bursting with roasted black coffee and dark chocolate. A beer to sip and savour.

Name: Brewers Progress

Style: Premium Bitter

Strength: 4.6% alc.vol

Tasting Note: A full bodied, chestnut coloured premium bitter. Full, rounded malt flavours with a short bitter bite. A mix of UK and other European hops varieties give a slight berry/fruity finish.

Name: The Hanged Monk

Style: Mild

Strength: 3.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note: A traditional dark red/brown mild with light chocolate and coffee notes. A careful blend of hops gives a subtle bitterness which compliments the dark malt flavours to leave a smooth, well rounded beer.


Name: Crackle

Style: Dark, spiced 

Strength: 6.5% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  In addition to the dark, malty swirls and fruity hop notes, this beer gets an extra burst of flavour from a blend of whole spices. A true winter warmer.


Usually available In December and January

Name: Topper

Style: Stout

Strength: 4.5% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Lots of great malty flavours from a combination of dark and roasted malts, giving a rich dark colour. Everything a stout should be.

Name: Lazy Summer

Style: Wheat Beer

Strength: 4.3% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A great pale, fuity wheat beer with a natural haze and added citrus flavours. A small amount of bitterness enhances the spicy, peppery notes obtained from a special belnd of yeast.



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