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This is our cask beer portfolio. We mix the brewing schedule up so we don't always have the same beers in stock. We might brew seasonally, try out new beers or just brew something that we've not made in a while. Please check the available now list and this will tell you what's currently available or contact us for more information.

Name: Redhead​

Style: Best Bitter

Strength: 4.2% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Packed full with hop flavours and a great malt balance makes this beer our best seller.  A great all round red/amber bitter.

Name: Bowline

Style: Pale aMber/Gold Bitter

Strength: 3.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Brand new for 2019, this beer is fresh and snappy, pale amber/gold in colour and finishes with a fruity hop mouthful!

Name: Sundown

Style: Ruby Bitter

Strength: 3.9% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A ruby coloured bitter, gentle toffee caramel malt flavours topped off with fruity hop notes. Smooth and satisfying.

Name: Sea Lantern

Style: Golden Brown

Strength: 4.1% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A golden brown beer with subtle notes of toffee and golden syrup, finished with some wonderfully understated smooth hop notes.


Name: Indian Hill

Style: India Pale Ale

Strength: 6.5% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Our contemporary take on a time honoured classic. This is a proper IPA, lots of classic hop character but finishing with a powerful grapefruit/citrus flavour burst. Crisp and clear.

Name: Jack's Revenge

Style: Strong, dark

Strength: 5.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Very complex and malty with vine, chocolate and dark berry notes. A well rounded, robust beer.

Name: Winter Moon

Style: Chestnut-coloured Bitter

Strength: 4.3% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A dark, rich chestnut.-.coloured beer. Mellow, malty and hints of berry and herb from carefully selected hops.

Name: Ginger

Style: Pale Ale

Strength: 3.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  We start with a great, well balanced pale ale and add fresh crushed ginger in the last stages of brewing. This leave a refreshing ginger flavour which is complimented by some citrus hop notes.

Name: Black Moth

Style: Special Stout

Strength: 7.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note: Fabulously indulgent, packed full of rich malt flavours dark berry secrets and bursting with roasted black coffee and dark chocolate. A beer to sip and savour.

Name: Brewers Progress

Style: Premium Bitter

Strength: 4.6% alc.vol

Tasting Note: A full bodied, chestnut coloured premium bitter. Full, rounded malt flavours with a short bitter bite. A mix of UK and other European hops varieties give a slight berry/fruity finish.

Name: The Hanged Monk

Style: Mild

Strength: 3.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note: A traditional dark red/brown mild with light chocolate and coffee notes. A careful blend of hops gives a subtle bitterness which compliments the dark malt flavours to leave a smooth, well rounded beer.


Name: Crackle

Style: Dark, spiced 

Strength: 6.5% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  In addition to the dark, malty swirls and fruity hop notes, this beer gets an extra burst of flavour from a blend of whole spices. A true winter warmer.


Usually available In December and January

Name: Topper

Style: Stout

Strength: 4.5% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Lots of great malty flavours from a combination of dark and roasted malts, giving a rich dark colour. Everything a stout should be.

Name: Lazy Summer

Style: Wheat Beer

Strength: 4.3% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  A great pale, fuity wheat beer with a natural haze and added citrus flavours. A small amount of bitterness enhances the spicy, peppery notes obtained from a special blend of yeast.



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