Cask Beers Available Now.

These beers are available now for delivery. Because we don't always keep the same beers in stock, this list changes regularly and each beer may only be brewed once in each brewing schedule before we move on to something else. The current beer list is always posted on our social media pages...

Name: Hokey Cokey

Style: Golden

Strength: 3.9% .vol

Tasting Note:  LIMITED EDITION.. A pale amber beer at 3.9% vol. The flavour notes of biscuit and caramel malts combine with a fruity hop blend to leave a short but refreshing finish. We couldn't help having a little fun wtih this!



Name: Bowline

Style: Pale Amber/Gold Bitter

Strength: 3.8% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Brand new for 2019, this beer is fresh and snappy, pale amber/gold in colour and finishes with a fruity hop mouthful!

Name: Redhead​

Style: Best Bitter

Strength: 4.2% alc.vol

Tasting Note:  Packed full with hop flavours and a great malt balance makes this beer our best seller.  A great all round red/amber bitter.

Name: Moonrocket

Style: Pale Ale

Strength: 5.0% .vol

Tasting Note:  A generously hopped pale ale with a very crisp feel and mouth-watering citrus dry finish. Works well with spicy food.


Name: Lady Evelyn

Style: Blonde

Strength: 4.1% .vol

Tasting Note:  Brewed with a single type of malt, this beer has a very pale yellow/amber hue. It gets a generous hop addition which lifts the delicate biscuit malt flavour leaving a crisp, dry lingering finish. 



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