Welcome to Tipple's Brewery!

Tipple's Brewery was founded in 2004 by me, Jason Tipple. I was bored with my career in financial services and decided it was time for a change. So in October 2003 I resigned and then had to find some way to earn a living! Some say I should have done that the other way round...


In September 2004 after lots of research and with a passion for good beer, Tipple's Brewery (and my oldest daughter!) was born.

All beers are brewed from scratch to our own original recipes. We don’t blend or add flavourings to our beers to make new ones nor do we sell the same beer with different names calling it a “special” etc. (you‘d be surprised how common this is!)

Where possible we stay true to a traditional method of brewing, using only malted cereals mostly from East Anglian maltsters. We dont add chemicals to the water before brewing and we dont use preservatives in our beer.


Sorry but we don't sell direct from the Brewery and we are not open to the public.


Tipple's Brewery

Unit 3 The Mill. Wood Green

Salhouse, Norfolk

NR13 6NY


AWRS URN - XDAW00000104983


Brewery: 01603 721310 01603 721310



Trade Sales: 07368 104547


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